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Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Unit

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Welcome to itgoa ( AP UNIT )

Welcome to the website of ITGOA, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Unit. This is an effort of ITGOA, A.P. Unit to connect to all the members and also update the members about the latest developments and issues involving their service matters.

ITGOA began its journey in November 1933 from the historic city of Kanpur. It was a difficult time in the history of India. It was a challenging time for us too. With undaunted spirit we put our heads and hands together for the following common objectives:Initially this was a federative body of the associations at the State level, and was named as "All India Federation of Income Tax Gazetted Services Associations." After the promulgation of the Recognition of Service Association Rules 1993.


The Income Tax Gazzetted Officers Association is the monolithic association of over more than 8500 promotee gazetted officers was founded way back in 1933. Even while working under alien masters, our leaders had the strength and vision to set up a strong association to protect the interests of members. The strength of the association is well demonstrated by the fact that it has travelled 75 long years and celebrating platinum jubilee year this year.